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Jasa Iklan Youtube

Youtube Ads for Business Branding!

YouTube is a video viewing platform with more than 1 billion users and is available in 60+ languages in over 70 countries. Youtube advertising services are perfect for you to run a business marketing strategy in video form.

Ennusa Studios provides Youtube Advertising Services to manage strategy, budget, and manage advertising campaigns on YouTube for various business needs, such as increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, and so on.

Pentingnya Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads offers high user numbers and broad reach for advertising media and helps businesses to market their products in the form of videos. ​

Optimize business promotion with Ennusa Studios with the right strategy and management and enjoy various other benefits, such as:

Other services for Digital Campaign

Get a variety of other advertising services to support your business branding only at Ennusa Studios.

Stages of IG Ads


Advertising Budgets

Determine the advertising budget according to business needs.


Strategy & Analysis

Discussions with the team regarding market analysis and advertising targets.


Ads Setup

Strategy preparation, media plan setup and advertising integration.


Run Ads

Ads are run according to the plan and strategy determined.



Monitoring and reports based on the performance of the running ads.

What are the types of YouTube advertising services

In-Stream Ads

Ads shown before, during or after starting a Youtube video. This type of ad can be skipped by users after 5 seconds with free ad duration.

Non-Skip Ads

Ads shown before, during or after starting a Youtube video such as In-Stream Ads. However, these ads cannot be skipped by users and the maximum duration is 15 seconds.

Discovery Thumbnail Ads

Thumbnail ads that appear on search pages, the sidebar of the currently playing video, and within the Youtube app on mobile with similar content.

Bumper Ads

Ads shown before, during or after starting a Youtube video are like Non-Skip Ads. However, it only lasts a maximum of 6 seconds and cannot be skipped.

What will you get?

The complete solution to start an Instagram ads campaign as soon as possible

Free Image Creative

We provide creative designs of the highest quality and in accordance with Instagram advertising targets.

Free Caption Ads

We will design all copywriting or use captions in advertisements according to the target market.

Free Strategy & Analyst

We will develop strategies and analysis to optimize and achieve advertising goals.

Create Youtube ads right now!
Together with a team of experts from Ennusa Studios and have become Official Google Partners.

Disclaimer: Ennusa Studios cannot guarantee an immediate increase in sales,
due to many factors other than advertising.

Youtube Advertising Service Fee

Advertising packages will be adjusted to the advertising budget that will be issued each month.

Starting from

Rp. 1Jt/bulan

Start maximizing your business market potential with us. Consult with our team first to analyze your market potential and business needs.

*Minimum contract duration of 3 months

Secret Strategy

We have a specific approach to managing social media that has been proven successful and effective.

Free Consultation

Not sure about your needs and wants? discussion with our team right now at no cost!

Effective Business Strategy

We use data-driven methods to create a suitable strategy for your business.

Flexible Budget

We can adjust the budget, targets, and duration of advertising time according to your business needs.
*T&C apply


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We are committed to creating measurable change for our clients through our strategic digital marketing services, which include strategy, traffic building, SEO and social media management.

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