360° Digital Marketing

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360° Digital Marketing

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360° Digital Marketing

V360° Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses a variety of physical, digital and social media marketing channels.

The application of this marketing strategy is to create a marketing message and then send it to consumers through various media.

Here are some of the services you can get:

Why 360° Digital Marketing with Ennusa Studios?

From nothing to everything! More than just managing, we take care of everything from strategy, content creation, campaigns, to evaluation to achieve predetermined goals.


We have helped social media accounts to improve the quality of content, design, etc

5+ tahun

Years of team experience who are experts in digital marketing, especially social media.


Our clients are satisfied and renew their contracts regularly.

All in One

Our services provide all aspects of digital marketing from start to finish.

Service benefits

360° Digital Marketing

Increase Reach and Target Market

Digital marketing allows companies to reach a wider target market and reach potential customers around the world.

Effective and Efficient

Digital marketing allows companies to send marketing messages at a lower cost than traditional marketing.

Interactive and Scalable

Digital marketing allows companies to interact with customers directly and provide a more personalized and measurable experience.

What can you get from Ennusa Studios' 360° Digital Marketing services?

We provide everything companies need in digital marketing, from
strategy planning to data analysis, to increase visibility,
generate leads, and increase sales.

Social Media Management

The only complete social media management service in Indonesia. Starting from content creation, campaign strategy, marketing to professional management.

Visual Branding & Design

Branding is how a business shows identity as well as the first impression that people will see when they see a brand or product.

Commercial Photography

Complete product photography services ranging from photo catalogs of food, beverage, clothing products, etc. Supported by professional equipment, models and teams.

Digital Campaign

Online advertising / digital campaign / advertising solutions with digital agencies that are trusted and experienced in making successful campaigns.

Website Development

Ennusa Studios provides professional website creation services for various needs such as online shops to companies, with guaranteed support & maintenance onwards.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a website optimization technique that makes the website easy for customers to find on search engines like Google, without advertisements.

featured case studies

We have helped various types of businesses grow Social Media accounts, through the latest tested strategies.

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Our latest client

Ennusa Studios has been trusted by various brands

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

Why should you use our 360° Digital Marketing Services?

Product & Service Information

Provide information regarding products or services offered to customers in an effective and informative manner.

Giveaway / Quiz Content

Techniques of giving gifts to audiences as incentives for interaction with brands, such as liking and sharing brand content on social media.

Educational Content & Storytelling

Provide relevant educational content for the audience to increase knowledge about the products or services offered.

Testimonials and Reviews

Content that contains third-party opinions that can help build audience trust and increase product or service sales.

Promotional Content

A marketing strategy that is able to attract the right target audience, fulfill marketing objectives, and encourage them to become consumers.

Commercial Photography

With a professional studio team, sophisticated equipment, lots of props, models and professional editing, we produce the best photos.


Ennusa Studios has been trusted by more than 150+ businesses since 2018!


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from 150+ reviews


Frequently Asked Questions

360° Digital Marketing strategy that covers all aspects of online marketing, including SEO, social media, online advertising, website development, and commercial content.

This concept refers to a holistic and comprehensive approach to increase brand visibility across all relevant online platforms.

The services we provide include scheduling posts on your Digital Account. We maintain 100% confidentiality of accounts and data. However, you can not use this service. If you want to maintain account privacy.

Regarding Product Photos, if you already have product photos, you can send photo files via email, telegram or WhatsApp.

If you don’t have it yet, there’s no need to worry. The 360° Digital Marketing service provides the provision of product photos, so you only need to send your product for product photo processing. Once you are satisfied with the result, we will return it to you.

To manage Facebook social media, we need access to fanspage by being appointed as an admin on your Fanpage. No need to give login access to private Facebook.

To manage Instagram social media, later we can be appointed as Fanpage admins and given Instagram login access.

Ennusa Studios is a social media service company that understands and is always up to date with social media algorithms so that we can provide digital brand development solutions organically.

Not only that, we will also assist you in researching the right content for your brand.

We provide consultations related to Social Media for free. Please contact our Admin Account Executive via the number below:

Whatsapp: +6287774722017
Email: hello@ennusastudios.com

Or you can use our Contact Form service on the Contact Us page.

Official Parners:

We are committed to creating measurable change for our clients through our strategic digital marketing services, which include strategy, traffic building, SEO and social media management.

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