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Starting from content creation, campaign strategy, marketing to professional management.

Social Media Management


Have a professional social media admin team without the hassle!

It's time to make your business known through social media. Without the need to lose a lot of time, money and thoughts by collaborating with the best Social Media Agency in Indonesia which has been trusted by 1000+ clients.

Why do you have to manage social media with Ennusa Studios?

From nothing to everything! More than just managing, we take care of everything from strategy, content creation, campaigns, to evaluation to achieve predetermined goals.


We have helped social media accounts to improve the quality of content, design, etc.

4+ tahun

Years of team experience who are experts in digital marketing, especially social media.


Our clients are satisfied and renew their contracts regularly.

All in One

Not just feed / content design, our services cover all aspects.

Service benefits

Social Media Management

Increase Brand Awareness

With proper social media management, the value of the brand will increase.

Increasing Target Market

Marketing strategies can be arranged so that businesses can reach potential customers.

Increase Sales & Profits

With an effective & efficient strategy, it will be easier for potential customers to convert.

Increase Engagement Rate

The number of interactions is an indicator of success in managing social media.


Social Media Marketing

Is a form of digital marketing strategy through social media platforms to promote business products/services to audiences both on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

How does Ennusa help businesses
manage Social Media?

We help businesses not only create good feed and content designs, but also think about how to develop branding as well as marketing through Social Media.

Strategy & Activation

Create marketing strategies and activations through social media


Make the best product photo concept for social media content needs

Content Creation and Design

Create designs as well as post content on social media

Post Scheduling

Manage post scheduling so that it is uploaded on schedule and at the best time

Influencer Management

Partnership / endorsement management together with Influencers / KOL

Ads/Campaign Strategy

Making campaign / advertising strategies that are in line with business goals

Engagement Optimization

Help increase Social Media Engagement through effective content and strategies

Social Media Admin

The most complete social media admin to interact with the audience starting from replying to DMs, comments, etc.

Report & Analytics

Report on the development of social media as well as the results of the strategy analysis carried out

Account Verification

Help meet the requirements and submit verified accounts on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Bio Link Setup

Setup Instagram bio links etc. so that they can be converted into leads and sales.

Growth Strategy

Ensuring growth in reach and engagement rate after being managed.

Select Social Media Management Pricing

Professional and best design service packages at the lowest cost.

Starting from

Rp. 2Jt/bulan

Start maximizing the potential of your social media business with us. Consult with our team first to analyze the potential of your business's Social Media.

*Minimum contract duration of 3 months

Secret Strategy

We have a specific approach to managing social media that has been proven successful and effective.

Free Consultation

Not sure about your needs and wants? discussion with our team right now at no cost!

Effective Business Strategy

We use data-driven methods to create a suitable strategy for your business.

Revision Guarantee

We provide a revision warranty to ensure customer satisfaction with our services.
*T&C apply

featured case studies

We have helped various types of businesses grow Social Media accounts, through the latest tested strategies.

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What kind of content will you get?

Product & Service Information

Presenting information related to a product offered by a business with an attractive appearance and selling according to branding in the business.

Educational Content & Storytelling

Educate the audience with relevant content to increase knowledge regarding the products and services offered.

Promotional Content

Marketing strategy that is distributed with content that is able to attract audiences with the right target, and encourage them to become consumers.

Giveaway / Quiz Content

The technique of offering gifts to audiences, while asking them to engage in interactions such as liking, and sharing content from brands.

Testimonials and Reviews

Content that contains third-party opinions regarding a brand to convince other potential consumers of a product or service.

Stories, Videos and More

Not only in the form of images, the content that will be obtained is also in the form of videos that are more interesting both audio and visual.

Ennusa Studios has been trusted by various brands in making various designs!


Ennusa Studios has been trusted by more than 150+ businesses since 2018!


4.83 / 5

from 150+ reviews


Frequently Asked Questions

We can help with various types of graphic design needs that will be handled by a professional design team, starting from:

Business Needs such as making logos, brochures, logos / flyers / leaflets, etc.

Stationery such as business cards, letterhead, menu books, etc

Social Media such as post / content design (infographics, warnings, promos) for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc.

The bundling package is a complete service that is suitable for all types of businesses. What you will get in this package are:

Logo Design

Free Design = You are free to request the design that your business needs, such as (brochures, logos, etc.)

Social Media Design = Content creation (infographics, celebrations, etc.) / posts for Instagram & Facebook.

Social Media Grand Design = Creating a grand content design (master file) that you can modify yourself as needed.

The length of work will adjust to the timeline according to the applicable package. But if you need a faster design time, you can order a custom package that suits your needs.

Our service is actually hassle-free, you just have to accept it as it is. However, in order for the results to be maximized and as expected, we need information about your product / business as well as the desired design reference * if any.

We have maximized the design that we made to suit what we wanted at the beginning. But if you are still not satisfied / not in accordance with the results given, addons are available to help you.

The design we make is original for you / if you use elements that are already licensed premium, you will get the full copyrights of the design license according to the package ordered

If you need a larger license / for more distributions than what is included in the package. Please contact us to upgrade the license so that there are no copyrights problems.

Official Parners:

We are committed to creating measurable change for our clients through our strategic digital marketing services, which include strategy, traffic building, SEO and social media management.

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